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Lernen 3Have you just arrived in Switzerland and want to learn German in a good, light and swift pace? Do you on daily basis have to communicate with customers, clients or simply your new friends, but you need to be more comfortable and secure with your German? With my German courses varying from level A1 to C2, I can give you the necessary support for your personal and professional needs.


If your answer to at least one of the questions below is yes, please schedule an appointment with me!


  • Have you moved to Switzerland and would like to learn German?
  • Do you speak German well, but as a second language and would like to improve your skills?
  • Are you uncertain with: „Du hast recht“, „eine Mail zusenden “ oder von Ihnen zu hören“?
  • Are you not sure sometimes, whether a comma is needed or not?
  • Would you like to apply for a job, but are not sure how to write the application?
  • Have you learned German in school and yet you have to ask others to read and write something for you?


Free clarification interview


Book a free 20-minute appointment, either in German or English! mobile: 076 419 48 52

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Free lesson


Ask to join an ongoing curse corresponding your language level for one free trial lesson.


Free events


"German with Coffee" and "International Sunday Brunch" are free special events intended for all current as well as interested students and guests to practice communication in German. That’s a great way to make new contacts and social networks.


My practical German courses will help you move ahead!


Sincerely Silke Heit